The Process

Heat Embossing: 

Papelitos Lindos was created with the love and satisfaction of the embossing process. Heat embossing is a technique that adds texture and dimension to surfaces. This process is created with ink, stamps, embossing powders, and a heat tool to create the colorful textures. Heat embossing and pretty textures will always be the humble start of Papelitos Lindos.


Foiled Designs: 

Some Papelitos have foiled designs that are handmade to create a lasting metallic impression. This technique requires a laser printer, toner reactive foil, and a laminating machine to bring these designs to life. All of our foiled cards are a labor of love and the process to create this beautiful metallic effect is tedious and satisfying. 


Digital Prints: 

My printed Papelito designs are outsourced for the best print quality. These designs are created in Adobe and sent off for printing on quality paper with beautiful textures. Outsourcing my printing has opened up the opportunity to create Latinx office stationery products for those looking to feel connected and represented in all spaces and places. 

Wax Seals: 

Some of my Papelitos are accompanied by a handmade wax seal. This is one of the most satisfying processes to unfold in front of your eyes. Creating intentional and beautiful cards that are sealed off the "old fashioned" way makes my heart flutter like nothing else.