Where To Find Us

Need a card and can't wait for shipping?

No need to worry, you can find Papelitos Lindos at two Chicago locations!


Mestiza is a beautiful shop in the heart of Pilsen that supports artisans from around the world. Metiza's goal is to "bring YOU an experience full of color, beauty, and positive energy so that you can tell your story from the heart!". Be sure to visit this Mestiza shop to experience stories from
around the world. 
Mestiza shop is also the primary pick up location for all Chicago! To avoid shipping, simply select "local pickup" when you check out. Your order will be ready for pickup within 1-2 business days. 
1523 W. 18th St. 
Chicago, IL 60608
(872) 395-1814
Tuesday - Friday 3 PM - 7 PM
Saturday 11 AM - 7 PM 
Sunday 11 AM - 5 PM
Our cards are also located at The National Museum of Mexican Art’s gift shop - Tienda Tzintzuntzán - Place of the Hummingbird. Tienda Tzintzuntzán offers a variety of gifts such as beautifully crafted artwork, jewelry, textiles, and a large selection of books and toys from Mexico. Tienda Tzintzuntzán also supports local artisans and crafters creating another beautiful space in Chicago that not only celebrates our cultura but supports local artists.
1852 W. 19th St. 
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 738-1503 ext. 3920
Tuesday - Sunday 
10 AM - 5PM